What is a sender?

What is a sender?

A sender enables goers to go! Goers need partners “at home” who provide financial support, prayer, advocacy, and encouragement. Senders often make sacrifices proportional to the Goers as they give abundantly of their time and money for the success of the Goers.

Advocacy Teams

An Advocacy Team is a group of 6-12 individuals who take the responsibility to coordinate our church’s support and encouragement of our Goers. They serve as the Goer’s representatives to the Austin Stone church body.

The relationships between the Advocacy Teams and the Goers are crucial for the benefit of the Goer. Strong trust between the A-Team and the Goer allows the Goer to be open and honest, allowing their team to see their needs and share in successes and struggles.

Read this to learn more about Advocacy Teams, and email us if you’re interested in joining an Advocacy Team.


The generosity of senders is a necessity to see the vision of the 100 People Network fulfilled. Giving as a sender isn’t a secondary way of being involved in the Great Commission, but a primary relationship in the gospel.

In Philippians 4:15-18, Paul credits the Philippian church for partnering with him by giving, and says that it is not the gift he seeks, but “the fruit that increases to your (the sender’s) credit” (Phil. 4:17).  The fruit of our goers is obtained by the generosity of our senders, and belongs to them as well.

The Austin Stone is committed to financially sending goers. Please partner with us in your giving to see the nations flooded with goers from the Austin Stone!



Prayer is the backbone of a Goer’s ministry. We fully believe that God is the one at work – our goers are simply joining Him in ministry. Asking our good Father to use our Goers and break through with the gospel to the unreached is fundamental!

Strive together with our Goers by partnering in prayer (Romans 15:30), and continually ask Him to send more laborers into his harvest field (Luke 10:2).

Learn how to pray for the unreached at Joshua Project.