What is a Mobilizer?

Mobilizers recruit, train, and deploy Goers and Senders!

Mobilizers serve in a variety of ways: as Goer Missional Community leaders, as Advocacy Team leaders, and as Short Term Trip leaders.

Become a Mobilizer by learning and by leading others.


Mobilizers are always trying to learn – how the world is changing, how it affects our goers, and how we can best equip them. Mobilizers stay up to date on information to effectively recruit, train, and deploy Goers and Senders.

Ways to learn:


Mobilizers train and lead goers and senders, in GMCs, Advocacy Teams, or on Short Term Trips. In order to lead these different areas well, you need to participate in these different groups.

  • Email us if you’re interested in joining a GMC or Advocacy Team.
  • Go to the Trips page to sign up for a Short Term Trip.