What is a goer?

The goers of the Austin Stone are sent to unreached peoples for two or more years to start movements of the gospel. 

They go in direct response to the Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). They go to every tribe, tongue, and nation for the purpose of redeeming God’s people from every people group (Genesis 12:1-3, Habakkuk 2:14, Matthew 24:14, Romans 15:19-24, Revelation 5:9, 7:9).

Philosophy of Preparation

How do we prepare our goers?

We desire to prepare our goers both in orthodoxy (theology) and orthopraxy (practice) – through our Goer Missional Communities.

Goer Missional Communities (GMC) exist to equip disciple-makers intending to go to unreached people groups, and those who will stay to mobilize others to engage the unreached.

In a GMC, you will increase your knowledge of Scripture and learn Biblical strategies in starting movements. Our groups live together in intimate community and are held accountable to spiritual disciplines and making disciples.

But these things are not the ultimate goal of GMC. Our desire is to grow in our passion for Jesus and stay focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.

Mission is not just one element of the community, it is the reason the community exists.

Goer Milestones

It generally takes a Goer 12-18 months to complete the process of confirmation, equipping, and support raising before they are launched. Here are some of the milestones for a Goer to reach during this process.

12+ months from Launch

  •  MC Leader and Church Approval.

Consult your MC and MC leader to affirm/approve your calling to pursue going to the nations.

  • Enroll in the 100 People Network.

Complete the 100 People Goer Interest form at 100peoplenetwork.org; have an initial meeting with a 100 People Mobilizer.

6-12 months from Launch

  • Complete a 9-month GMC.

Join and complete a 9-month Goer Missional Community living in community on mission to internationals and learning CPM principles.

  • Recruit your Advocacy Team Leader.

Select your Advocacy Team leader who will be responsible for recruiting the Advocacy Team members and making sure they receive the appropriate training.

4-6 months from Launch

  • Field Team Selection.

Find and confirm the field team you will be going with, either on the field already or candidates from your GMC.

  • Support Raising Training.

Attend a support raising training seminar like Support Raising Boot Camp; form a strategy plan to get fully funded by your target date.

4-6 weeks from Launch

  • Reach Full Support.

Reach 100% of your fundraising target (we encourage you to fundraise OVER 100% of your target) and solidify your support team.


Goer Interest Form

Interested in being a goer? Fill out this Goer Interest Form.